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Tulane graduate MiMi Rawks is a New Orleans-based journalist and paranormal investigator by day, and an erotic romance author by night. MiMi prefers writing in the nude, illuminated by the soft light of white, dripping candles in her high-ceilinged gothic office, surrounded by her favorite antiquities and her millinery collection. In the 19th century, her historic home was rumored to be a brothel. She feels her stories and her vividly erotic dreams are informed by the lascivious spirits who share the space with her.

When she’s not bantering with the chefs at The Camellia Grill after a late night of writing, you will find MiMi having the time of her life cosplaying at the major comic book conventions in her steampunk finery–a custom leather corset adorned in antique watch gears, a veiled top hate with goggles resting on its bring…but you’ll never know it’s her!

The fun-loving MiMi adores art, felines, the fleur de lis, vintage typewriters, anything geek (horror, sci-fi, fantasy), her Swedish masseuse, and her morning fare of chicory coffee and beignets.

MiMi Rawks is represented by WriteBrain Media. To write to MiMi directly, please email AuthorMiMiRawks@gmail.com.