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Sex & Love Advice

Dear Readers,

Every woman has her secret magic number. You know, that number…the number of men you’ve burned through–like Sherman through Atlanta–in your lifetime.

Trust me when I say that mine is a high enough number for me to have learned some important lessons along the way… lessons I can share with y’all. Lessons about love, sex, sexual health, astrology, soul mates, and the dance of intimacy—the unique rhythm to our relationships. We’ve all asked ourselves:

  • What does it mean when he says or does this? Where is this relationship headed?
  • Can a Pisces male and an Aries woman live happily ever after?
  • How do I pleasure a man with two cocks?

Okay, I may not have experience with the latter, specifically, but my deep bench of sexperts and relationship gurus will have the answers on those uber-rare occasions when I do not.

Mother Hates Me

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Doctor Visit?

Dear MiMi, After some intense, pounding sex with a very well-endowed partner, I had a brownish, gelatinous discharge, not dissimilar to what you’d see on the bottom of a baked...
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Bull Handling

Dear MiMi, I’m dating a Taurus who never wants to go anywhere. His idea of a hot date is hanging out at his house. Is there any hope he will...
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