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Bull Handling

Dear MiMi, I’m dating a Taurus who never wants to go anywhere. His idea of a hot date is hanging out at his house. Is there any hope he will change? Frustrated in Phoenix Dear Phoenix, You didn’t tell me your sign, which would be helpful in understanding the dynamic of your relationship. However, I [...]

Doctor Visit?

Dear MiMi, After some intense, pounding sex with a very well-endowed partner, I had a brownish, gelatinous discharge, not dissimilar to what you’d see on the bottom of a baked Krakus ham. Should I be worried? Nervous in Newark Dear Newark, I always recommend you get checked by a doctor or nurse practitioner when anything [...]

Mother Hates Me

Dear MiMi, Everything is good between my boyfriend and me, and we are rock solid. The problem is, his mother obviously hates me. Do we have a future? Befuddled in Brooklyn Dear Befuddled, Is he Italian? If you answered “yes” to that question, the answer is no. Find a nice Irish boy. --MiMi