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Books by Author MiMi Rawks

Cosplay Virgin

Book One in the Cosplay Confidential series tells the story of Autumn “Skye” MacLean, a Midwestern virgin librarian living and working in Los Angeles, still reeling from the unresolved murder of her mother. Skye explores cosplay in San Diego for the first time…to unintended consequences, igniting a series of events that will haunt her for many years to come.

Cosplay Furry

Book Two in the Cosplay Confidential series finds Skye hot on a trail of bizarre leads in solving the mysterious 2010 murder of her mother, burgeoning costume designer Cathryn Jaymes MacLean. Skye joins her rescuer from Cosplay Virgin, the undeniably sexy, protective, and very available Detective Beauchamps at the Chicago Furry Con, where she does her best in denying her attraction to him, maintaining her virginity, and navigating the curious sabotage of the Fur Ball.

Cosplay Mardi Gras

Book Three in the Cosplay Confidential series has all roads in solving the murder of Cathryn Jaymes MacLean leading to cosplay capital New Orleans during Mardi Gras as Skye’s equally sexy suitors–the thoughtful, romantic LARP GM, poet, and English professor Talyn Lawless and his rival, the raw, testosterone-fueled Detective Beauchamps–vie for the virginity of Skye MacLean as they help her uncover the shocking culprit behind her mother’s murder. Only one sexy suitor will conquer the pure and beautiful Skye, but who will it be? Are you Team Talyn…or Team Beauchamps?