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Welcome, Fellow Reader Friend!

Consider this your new G-Spot for Guilty Pleasure…a Community Curated Just for You with Entertainment, Sex & Relationship Advice, and Geeky Inspiration.

I lovingly craft erotic romance stories for smart readers like you. My fans will tell you my writing has a more “colorful, sensual flavor.” I blame it on the bawdy spirits sharing my New Orleans studio. Those who know me well blame it on my wonderfully bizarre life experiences and diverse interests.

If you’re here, you love all things Geek and Pop Culture–Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy. Sometimes I work all of these elements into one sexy tale. My first celebrated series, The Cosplay Confidential Series, includes these three books for your reading pleasure:

  • Cosplay Virgin
  • Cosplay Furry
  • Cosplay Mardi Gras

Thanks for visiting, and do come again…and again…and again!